Freya Capital is a venture capital fund supporting and financing innovative businesses making an impact on tomorrow’s world.

We invest up to EUR 1 million in early-stage companies with high growth potential and international scaling ambitions.


We are industry agnostic and provide funds to entrepreneurs from various sectors and industries with high growth prospects

At Freya we always put people first. That’s why we look for fully committed teams willing to go the extra mile to achieve success. We believe that, only with such partners, we can cross challenging terrain together.

We invest in Founders with a vision on a global scale. At Freya we like challenges and we put the bar incredibly high.

We have had the opportunity to conduct and participate as founders, managers, investors, or advisors in more than 100 transactions (from seed funding, through later rounds of financing, to exits), with a total value exceeding USD 1 billion.

Thanks to the unique combination of our partners’ experience and cooperation with a successful operations team across Europe, Canada/US and Asia, Freya Capital offers its portfolio companies not only funding but also comprehensive business and operational support on an international level.

We help Founders to grow and scale globally.

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Freya Capital Aidar App

Mixed Reality (AR/VR) for employee training and transfer of competences to hard-to-reach / distant places


Freya Capital Staffly

HR Tech, Staffly uses a complex algorithm to verify the key personality traits of the candidates for a given position.


Freya Capital Rebel Tang

Combine gastronomy with modern technology. Virtual restaurants that perfectly meet the needs of today's customers.


Freya Capital Pure City

Operator of green EV charging stations combined with DOOH screens.


Freya Capital Stepapp

Online platform proving top-rated home cleaning and household services in one subscription for private customers and as life-changing employee benefits.


While no investment is the same, we strive to streamline the investment process and make the onboarding as smooth as possible. Of course, prior to our engagement a thorough due diligence should be expected BUT above all - we care about the people and their long-term vision more than the excel tables. We put a special emphasis on understanding the business of our future portfolio companies; that’s why we engage potential business partners and customers in their evaluation.

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Freya Capital Zbigniew Barwicz 02

Zbigniew Barwicz
Managing Partner


Freya Capital Jan Grochowicz 02

Jan Grochowicz
Managing Partner


Freya Capital Michal Lewandowski 02

Michał Lewandowski
Managing Partner


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