Freya Capital is a venture capital fund supporting and financing innovative businesses making an impact on tomorrow’s world. We invest up to EUR 1 million in early stage companies, with high growth potential and international scaling ambitions.

We have had the opportunity to conduct or participate as managers, investors or advisors in more than 100 transactions (from seed funding, through later rounds of financing, to exits), with a total value exceeding USD 1 billion.

Freya Capital was established in 2021 in Warsaw, Poland by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, Hubert Anyżewski, Zbigniew Barwicz, Jan Grochowicz and Michał Lewandowski, who have been involved in the international and investment market for almost three decades.

We are industry agnostic and provide funds to entrepreneurs from various sectors and industries with high growth prospects.

Thanks to the unique combination of our partners’ experience and cooperation with a successful operations team across Europe, Canada/US and Asia, Freya Capital offers its portfolio companies not only funding but also comprehensive business and operational support on an international level.

We help Founders to grow and scale globally.

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